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Export videos & photos to FTP, databases, or documents from iPhoto, Aperture & Windows!

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Download PhotoUpLink for Windows

Download PhotoUpLink for iPhoto

Download PhotoUpLink for Aperture

Key features:

  • Universal binary plugin / Windows executable adds video-capable PhotoUpLink exporter to iPhoto Export Photos dialog, Aperture export, or Windows context menu.

  • FTP items directly from iPhoto, Aperture or Windows Explorer to ANY server!
    • Upload images scaled to ANY size!
  • Export video and images into any ODBC datasource such as MySQL server for publishing to image databases and web image banks. Create Excel spreadsheets of iPhoto, Aperture or Windows library contents, or send albums to FileMaker.
  • Eliminate the hassle of sending high resolution photos and large attachments of camera videos to friends. Just FTP from PhotoUpLink, and the created email will have an AppleScript attached that allows the recipient to import directly into a new iPhoto or My Pictures album, no costly annual subscription required!

    PC users can simply click on links in the email to view, or run the free Windows PhotoUpLink to import directly to their local My Pictures folder. These sample email attachments (click to activate) will download the full size images and video into iPhoto, or Windows My Pictures (with Windows PhotoUpLink installed):

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    Send images and video to any photo sharing web site that supports FTP, with a single plugin. PhotoUpLink will take the keywords used in an iPhoto library and embed them into the uploaded copy of the image, in the IPTC header. Most photo sharing sites support IPTC keyword transfer.


  • Join photos together in panoramas and join short digital camera videos into longer movies.