PhotoUpLink extracts certain information from the EXIF information contained in JPG files and can send it to a database of your choice. One row of data is created for each image or video selected. The information contained in each row is: Filename, Width, Height, and Pathname.

Two kinds of databases are supported:


To use the Excel export, select Excel as the database output format. It is required that you set an output location also before running. Click Select then choose the folder and name of the file to be created. Excel will automatically open and create a new spreadsheet with the information in it when you click Export. If you encounter any problems, try opening Excel first then click Export again. Video and other file types are not supported.


Selecting this feature enables the binary data of each image or video, along with item metadata, to be sent to any data source that has an ODBC driver installed for it on your computer. A data source that supports binary objects is required. This includes MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, or Microsoft SQL Server. The user logged in must have the privilege level necessary to create and write to a table. In this case, clicking Select will open a Data Source selection dialog:

A list of Data Source names will be obtained and presented for selection. Once the Data Source is selected, the database and table are then determined:

 Table names with spaces or special characters will fail.