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PhotoUpLink for iPhone OS 2.2

Free, easy WiFi photo sharing between iPhones and iPod Touch.

Available at the iTunes App Store now.

Select (n)

Touching Select opens the Image Picker. Navigate between albums in the usual way. As you touch a photo, it gets added to the total number of photos as reflected by the number next to Select in the Select button. This list of photos is then used by WiShare and FTP. When you are done selecting photos, choose the function you want or hit cancel to return to the home screen. The number and list of photos remains until you touch Select again, then it is reset.


Lets you send photos directly to another iPhone or iPod Touch. A solid Wi-Fi connection is required for this, and all devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Each device must also be running PhotoUpLink at the same time you wish to transfer photos, and you must have photos selected to use this feature. When you touch WiShare, a list of available devices will be displayed. Touch the name of the device and the transfer of all photos will begin. This works best with a stronger Wi-Fi signal.


Upload photos to your FTP server directly with this feature. Touching FTP brings up the form to enter your FTP information. Touch each item to bring up the keyboard, and hit return when done entering the information. Touch upload to begin the transfer. For the server, the ftp:// and the trailing / are added automatically, and you can specify a folder right there, eg - filenames are automatically generated based on the date and time of transfer. If an email address is entered, after the upload an email containing links to each file will be automatically generated for you to distribute.